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A few of the most common spelling errors/mixups found on the internet.
This version is a quick reference, which only includes a brief explanation of the words. See the long version for more thorough definitions.

Word Type Grammar/Meaning/Example Confused with
buy verb Buy/buys/bought. To obtain in exchange for money. The opposite of sell by
by preposition Stand by me. By all means. Getting by. By and large buy
coming participle Come/comes/came. He'll be coming 'round the mountain when he comes -
comming - Spelling error coming
copywrite - Spelling error copyright
copyright noun Exclusive legal rights granted to the originator of original artistic and/or intellectual material -
could have - Might have -
could of - Spelling error could have
definately - Spelling error definitely
definitely adverb Certainly. Without doubt -
knew verb Past of know. I knew it new
new adjective Of recent origin or arrival. Tomorrow is a brand new day knew
of preposition Made of. A house of cards off
off preposition Away. At or to a distance. He drove off. Take your coat off of
sight noun/verb Seeing with the eyes: He lost his sight. A thing seen: That was not a pretty sight site
site noun/verb The new web site was very popular sight
sole adjective One and only. Single. Exclusive. She became the sole owner of the estate soul
soul noun The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being. Heart and soul sole
there adverb That place. We go there every day their, they're
their possesive pronoun Belonging to them. They were minding their own business there, they're
they're - Contraction of they are. They're very excited about the news there, their
to preposition Indicates approach and arrival. Go to the left and then to the right too
too adverb Over. More than enough. This is too much. You are too stubborn for your own good to
your possesive pronoun Belonging to you. This is your mess; clean it up yourself you're
you're - Contraction of you are. You're in a good mood today your

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