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This site supports the Free Speech on the Internet campaign (symbolized by the blue ribbon) which implicitly means that you are likely to come across some foul language a few places ;-)
The English English flag is used to denote English pages. I could have used the British Union Jack Union Jack or the U.S.American Stars and Stripes Stars and Stripes, but since the meaning of the flag is to denote a language rather than a country, I think the English one is more neutral, since the language is named after that part of the world.

This Dannebrog is the Danish flag, Dannebrog (the 'g' is silent), which is used throughout the site to mark Danish content or links. According to legend it fell down from the sky in Estonia in 1219 making it the world's oldest national flag (We Danes like to think so, anyway)...
This site contains many links to The Internet Movie Database. Permission given explicitly. Most links are generated automatically, hence a few might not work. Please let me know if you encounter any broken links.
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