Dansk  Disse dansk-producerede web-sider er skrevet på engelsk - dels fordi over 90% af alle akronymer i sidernes kontekst er engelske, dels fordi jeg også er interesseret i feedback fra ikke-dansk-talende cyber-medborgere. For danske akronymer angives forklaringen dog også på dansk...

English  The remainder of these pages are in English with the exception of some non-english acronyms, which are explained in their 'native' language as well as English. Danish acronyms are marked with 'Dannebrog' (the Danish flag, as seen above).

The Beginning

For a while I have been gathering a collection of acronyms used in relation to the computer industry, software development, the Internet and heard in my surroundings in general for my own benefit and to support my overloaded memory. Being a nice person, I want to share this information with the world (or at least the people who happen to pass by here, deliberately or by mistake)

The Competition

I don't know of any other more or less structured TAP-like pages on the web (though I am sure there are plenty of them out there - why wouldn't there be?), and I haven't even looked for them (that would sort of spoil the fun), so this is not a deliberate rip-off, at least. I welcome contributions, but I don't want to include huge piles of acronyms from other sites - a link section is being prepared to that end.

The Format

I cannot give a precise set of rules to determine how a given acronym has made it onto this page (although some are more obvious than others) or whether a given acronym will qualify. I see this as my prerogative, but I will not exclude the possibility that I can be convinced or coerced into taking a different stand, should the need arise. I have included some humorous terms, some for my own amusement, some hopefully for general amusement, but hopefully not too many to annoy people who might come here to find serious information. Possible future format changes might include categorizing and explanation of the terms...

The Categories

(So far these are only included to clarify the scope. The individual terms are not categorized)
Computer HardWare
Computer SoftWare
Extra Terrestrial Affairs
Home Theatre Gadgetry
Internet Shorthand Lingo
Miscellaneous Acronyms
Movies and TeleVision
Personal References (just a few)
Travelling In Cyberspace
Technically Speaking (including middleware, protocols etc.)
the World Of Business
eXternal Personal References (just a few)

The Signatures

Definition/spelling possibly not totally correct
Definition unknown/forgotten. Input is welcome!
(Square brackets) Denotes parts of the definition which I think is either superfluous or perhaps even misleading (but included in the known "official" definition - an obvious example is to denote a CD-ROM "Memory") or omitted in the original definition but significant for clarity reasons. Can also denote the English translation of non-English terms
(Brackets) Comments added after the strict definition
Humorous or ironic acronym or humorous (mis)interpretation of a serious acronym.

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